6 de janeiro de 2010

Seminar: Opportunities of child-oriented research methods

15 January 2010, 13.30-15.50hrs
Venue: VU University (Amsterdam), Metropolitan Building, Room Z-113

Conducting research with children requires a reconsideration of common, adult-centred means of data collection. Margaret Mead, already in the 1920s, gathered 32.000 'spontaneous drawings' of Manus children. Drawing has subsequently evolved into a prime methodological instrument aimed at elucidating children's perspectives. The process of drawing is believed to underline children's agency and to stimulate their ownership of the research process. However, it is still undefined how data from drawings ought to be processed, how elicitation based on drawings could best be designed and how they actually contribute to theoretical knowledge on children's lives. The current seminar seeks to address these quandaries. During the discussion we will confront challenges and explore opportunities of child-oriented research methods, in order to set out an agenda for further development in this field.
Please register for this seminar by sending an e-mail to childrenseminar@hotmail.com.
For more information, contact Mienke van der Brug (m.van.der.brug@fsw.vu.nl) or Erik van Ommering (e.van.ommering@fsw.vu.nl)

read more: www.anthropologyofchildren.net

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