14 de dezembro de 2011

The Child: A Persons Project

2nd Global Conference The Child: A Persons Project

Saturday 7th July 2012 – Monday 9th July 2012
Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

CFP: After a hiatus of one year, the Childhood Project is returning. This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference project seeks to investigate and explore all aspects of childhood. The period of life prior to adulthood is one of dramatic change and development of physical, intellectual, psychological, and many other types of characteristics. The nature of childhood and its significance as a
separate phase of life, however, is viewed quite differently in different cultures and in different historical eras. This conference will look at all aspects of the experience of childhood as well as the social and cultural perceptions of children and childhood.
Deadline: 13th January 2012

13 de dezembro de 2011

Seminário 'O CENTENÁRIO DA PROTECÇÃO À INFÂNCIA - A protecção dos direitos da criança e a criança imigrante em Portugal'

15 de Dezembro de 2011
Local: Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro (CCDRC)

No âmbito da efeméride do Centenário da Protecção Judicial à Infância em Portugal (primeiro com a Lei de 1 de Janeiro de 1911, que criou a primeira Comissão de Protecção de Menores em Portugal e, depois, com a Lei de Protecção à Infância (LPI) de 14 de Junho de 1911), a CPCJ de Coimbra e o ISMT propõem-se debater os problemas actuais, debater os problemas actuais que trazem alguma complexidade acrescida aos Processos de Promoção e Protecção de crianças e jovens em perigo, especificamente os que dizem respeito a crianças filhas de imigrantes.


9 de dezembro de 2011

Human Rights Education in the School Systems of Europe, Central Asia and North America: A Compendium of Good Practice

Designed for primary and secondary schools, teacher training institutions and other learning settings, the new tool, which collects 101 exemplary practices from Central Asia, Europe and North America, is a valuable resource for teachers and education policymakers.
It provides resource materials relevant to key elements for successful human rights education, including 1) laws, guidelines and standards; 2) learning environment; 3) teaching and learning tools; 4) professional development for educators, and 5) evaluation.

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Sugar and Spice: Global Girlhood in the Cinema/Global Cinema and the Girl

Call for articles

The figure of the girl is an intriguing one for cinema specialists. The focus of angst as possible victim of processes of 'sexualisation', the symbol of (imagined) childhood innocence, a metaphor for the uncertain and precarious nature of subjectivity, the site of intrigue and nostalgia for adults, the figure of the girls speaks to many strands of film theory and history: feminist questions of representation of female subjects, historical accounts of childhood and girlhood in the cinema, and philosophical engagements with the possibilities of the subject in film. Although recent work in sociology and film studies has addressed girlhood in Hollywood cinema as part of interest in post-feminist representations, we seek to complicate this reading through employing a comparative lens in terms of history and geography. This edited collection aims to explore the figure of the girl across time and space in the cinema. We are therefore interested in accounts from different movements and moments in global cinemas on the inflections of this figure. At this stage, we are looking to attract provisional expressions of interest that we will collate and put together as a proposal for a collection with a major publisher.

Deadline: 20th May 2012

For more information please contact Dr Fiona Handyside, University of Exeter (f.j.handyside@ex.ac.uk) or Dr Kate E Taylor0Jones, Bangor University (k.taylor@bangor.ac.uk)

Jornada "À Roda da Brincadeira"

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Chamada para Artigos: Lúdicamente

Estimados colegas,

Los invitamos a enviar sus contribuciones a Lúdicamente, una revista de investigación sobre juego desde las ciencias sociales.

Convocatoria abierta a contribuciones para el N°1 “Juego y vida cotidiana”, hasta el 29 de febrero de 2012.

Instrucciones a los autores

Se encuentran en la página las dos convocatorias vigentes. Para cualquier consulta o duda no duden en consultar la página www.ludicamente.com.ar y enviarnos un mail desde alli.


9TH-11TH JULY 2012.

To celebrate the 10th year of the establishment of the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth at Sheffield University, (CSCY) this conference addresses the theme of diversity in the lives of children and young people.

Those wishing to organise small symposia around a specific theme are also invited to submit a proposal.
Abstracts: Abstracts of no more than 200 words (for papers) 400 words (for symposia) should be sent to the conference administrator, Dawn Lessels, by January 31st 2012. E-mail: d.j.lessels@sheffield.ac.uk.
conference page: http://www.cscy.group.shef.ac.uk/activities/conferences/index.htm

CFP ESA Research Network 4. Sociology of Children and Childhood

ESA Research Network 4. Sociology of Children and Childhood
Mid-term Symposium
June 18-20, 2012
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Call for Papers
Sociology of Childhood – Theorising Childhood
The Research Network, Sociology of Children and Childhood hereby announces the mid-term symposium which will take place in Jyväskylä (Finland) from 18th to 20th June, 2012. The organisation of the symposium will be undertaken at the University of Jyväskylä.

The abstracts must be written in English, be at most 400 words, and include 3-5 keywords. Please submit your abstract and full contact details as electronic files no later than the 28th February 2012. Send the abstract to Tom Cockburn (t.d.cockburn@bradford.ac.uk).
The deadline for notification for abstracts is 31st March 2012.

For further details on the symposium please contact Tom Cockburn (t.d.cockburn@bradford.ac.uk) on +44 1274 233517.

8 de dezembro de 2011

Building Capacity for Ethical Research with Children & Young People (report)

The project has drawn on and enriched the existing knowledge base about ethical research within the Childwatch Network, and capitalised on the information shared at the Child Participatory Research Roundtable at the 2009 Childrens Rights at a Crossroads Conference in Addis Ababa. It has provided useful information about the ethical issues and challenges facing researchers undertaking research with children.
Existing resources and publications that provide guidelines to researchers have been identified and collated. The information can be used to expand the discussion on appropriate Child Research Methodologies, interface with the work of the Childwatch Training Courses for Young Researchers to build research capacity.

1 de dezembro de 2011

CRINMAIL 1253 - 30 nov 2011

In this issue:
Latest news and report: Calls for accountabilit; Petitioning for right; Returning children to a war zon; Children left to die in prison; Governments urged to take bigger step; Hearing children out in parliamen; CRC call for submissions; New online library on educatio.

Upcoming events
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