9 de dezembro de 2011

Sugar and Spice: Global Girlhood in the Cinema/Global Cinema and the Girl

Call for articles

The figure of the girl is an intriguing one for cinema specialists. The focus of angst as possible victim of processes of 'sexualisation', the symbol of (imagined) childhood innocence, a metaphor for the uncertain and precarious nature of subjectivity, the site of intrigue and nostalgia for adults, the figure of the girls speaks to many strands of film theory and history: feminist questions of representation of female subjects, historical accounts of childhood and girlhood in the cinema, and philosophical engagements with the possibilities of the subject in film. Although recent work in sociology and film studies has addressed girlhood in Hollywood cinema as part of interest in post-feminist representations, we seek to complicate this reading through employing a comparative lens in terms of history and geography. This edited collection aims to explore the figure of the girl across time and space in the cinema. We are therefore interested in accounts from different movements and moments in global cinemas on the inflections of this figure. At this stage, we are looking to attract provisional expressions of interest that we will collate and put together as a proposal for a collection with a major publisher.

Deadline: 20th May 2012

For more information please contact Dr Fiona Handyside, University of Exeter (f.j.handyside@ex.ac.uk) or Dr Kate E Taylor0Jones, Bangor University (k.taylor@bangor.ac.uk)

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