18 de fevereiro de 2010

CFP: International Conference 'The doors of perception: Viewing anthropology through the eyes of children'

30 September & 1 October 2010 - VU University Amsterdam

This conference aims to bring together anthropologists who work with children as well as researchers from other disciplines to provide a platform for intellectual discussion, exchange of ideas, networking, and to offer opportunities for collaboration. The primary goal of the conference is to examine current developments in the study of children and to develop perspectives on how research with children can contribute to anthropological epistemology and theory. Central questions to such a reflection are:
1) What can child-oriented research offer to current epistemological debates and theory in anthropology?
2) How can anthropological research with children benefit from insights from other disciplines?
3) How can an anthropological, child-oriented approach contribute to the research of children in other disciplines?
The conference welcomes proposals not merely from anthropologists but also from scholars representing other disciplines (including but not limited to geography, psychology, sociology, history, and education). We invite such scholars to reflect on the possible cross-fertilization that does or can take place in these interdisciplinary encounters.
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