8 de outubro de 2010

Europe’s Future: citizenship in a changing world

CiCe Annual Conference 2011
Dublin City University, Ireland
9 - 11 June 2011

The thirteenth annual conference of the CiCe Network has a particular focus on identity and citizenship in a changing world, and aims to give consideration to the experiences and understanding of young people, as well as to educational policy, practice or outcome in order to reflect on, or respond to, the opportunities and challenges that a future Europe may bring. The conference will bring together staff from higher education institutions who educate those in the education and social professions who work with children and young people. Papers at the conference will range from research findings to analysis of practice. We welcome all lecturers and researchers in universities and other higher education institutions with an interest in our themes, as well as those in NGOs and policy fields.

10 December 2010: Deadline for submission of all proposals. Please note that we will not be able to consider proposals received after 10 December

Info: http://cice.londonmet.ac.uk/conferences/main/main_home.cfm

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