19 de janeiro de 2011

The Right Stuff

The Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) has launched a taster issue of "The Right Stuff" – the human rights magazine by and for children and young people.

You can read the magazine here: http://issuu.com/krishnacrae/docs/the_right_stuff_magazine

Funded by Mediabox, the magazine features stories of children who have suffered rights violations, as well as inspirational accounts of children taking action, interviews with human rights activists and a dedicated under 10s section. The Right Stuff magazine was designed and written by more than 30 under 18 year-olds from across England, with the aim of promoting young people’s interest in children’s human rights and encouraging them to take action to achieve change for children.

The magazine is available to download at www.crae.org.uk. Enquiries concerning the Right Stuff can be sent to Krishna Maroo at kmaroo@crae.org.uk

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