28 de setembro de 2012

Occasional Papers invites contributions to a special issue on After-School Time

After-school time, once reserved primarily for informal social activities, has become a source of increasing concern for adults who see these hours as crucial to the academic and social development of healthy young people. Much of the research and policy related to after-school time echoes these concerns, placing emphasis on the need for structure and surveillance, and focusing on assessment-driven outcomes. Yet, for many children and youth, the after-school hours are more than “school outside of school,” providing a space for autonomy, non-school activities, or “hanging out” with friends, on or offline. With potential differences in adult and youth perspectives in view, this special issue of the Bank Street Occasional Papers seeks to answer the questions: What do young people value about their out of school hours? What else might after-school time offer, other than more school?

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