30 de novembro de 2012

EU Youth Report 2012

EU Youth Report

The EU Youth Report 2012 summarises the results of the first work cycle of the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2012) and proposes priorities for the next three years. It presents new and revealing statistics on how the situation of young people in the European Union has been affected by the financial crisis.

According to the EU Youth Report, nearly all Member States report that the EU Youth Strategy has reinforced existing priorities at national level since it was launched in January 2010. This includes focusing on education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people, promoting social inclusion and health and providing young people with opportunities to take active part in society. The EU Youth Report proposes new priorities for the coming three years. The report highlights that youth employment will remain high on the EU agenda. For the coming years, the Strategy should focus more on the consequences of the current crisis on young people. This means more emphasis on social inclusion and health & well-being.

All Member States have submitted national reports which feed into both the Communication and the SWDs. Young people have been consulted in drawing up these reports, and different ministries have contributed. All national reports are posted here.

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