5 de maio de 2010

Children and freedom of expression in a nutshell

Freedom of expression is rarely part of children’s rights advocacy – at least as a stand-alone issue - yet it is critical for the realisation of all children’s rights (as well as for our work here at CRIN!). In fact, this right is a good marker for gauging perceptions of children in any society, because the extent to which children are able to express their opinions and feelings can show how much they are recognised as rights holders. And if children are restricted from holding or expressing opinions, or from receiving information through the media (subject to certain, limited, exceptions), how can they describe the ways in which their rights are being respected, fulfilled and respected, or, on the other hand, infringed? Similarly, organisations and media outlets such as CRIN must, in all countries in all regions of the world, feel secure in the knowledge that the information they disseminate will not be subject to unreasonable interference. Read more...

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