4 de maio de 2010

Possibilities and Challenges of Child Right Research in Developing Countries

21 May – 13.30-15.30 hrs
Venue: VU University Amsterdam, Metropolitan Building, Room Z-113

Children's Rights
Lecture by Dr. Jacobijn Olthoff and Azza Abdelmoneium (Master's programme in Children's Rights, University of Amsterdam) followed by discussion.
Children’s right gained a lot of recognition and attention in the past 20 years in academic and non-academic fields. Dr. Jacobijn Olthoff and Dr. Azza Abdelmoneium will explain research from a child right perspective and elaborate on its implications and the overlaps with research approaches in other academic fields in science. Taking Sudan as a case study, the discussion will focus on the challenges of research in developing countries.
Poster of the seminar (download)
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