2 de junho de 2011

CFP: Schooling in Anthropology: Learning the “Modern Way”

5th – 6th December 2011
Department of Anthropology and the Centre for Child-Focused Anthropological Research (C-FAR),
Brunel University, London,UK

The two-day workshop is intended to be a forum where we can explore and compare the common themes and contextual variations, theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches in relation to the specific processes and implications that this form of institutional organisation has for children, young people and society more generally. In addition, it is hoped we can consider the place of schooling within the research field of the Anthropology of Education, as well as the benefits of increased dialogue between ethnographic school
researchers in different disciplines, and the actual and potential contribution that the study of schooling can make to, for example, the anthropology of youth, political anthropology and the anthropology of personhood.

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