14 de junho de 2011

Child mobility and rural vulnerability in Senegal

Climate change and the role of children in household risk management strategies in rural Senegal
Final project report
June 2010
World Bank Task Managers: Maurizia Tovo, AFTH2, and Junko Saito, WBI
Study conducted by the Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies (Fafo AIS), Oslo, in collaboration with l’École nationale d’économie appliquée (ENEA), Dakar

The fact that so many children leave their parents has been a rising preoccupation among child protection agencies in West Africa over the past decade. Detected cases of abuse and exploitation of these children have caused concern and raised suspicions of organized child trafficking. Yet, in many cases the relocation of children is an important strategy to protect them and enhance their opportunities, and also to help families manage the many risks to which they are exposed. READ COMPLETE REPORT.

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