18 de maio de 2011

CFP: The child image in media

Feather Journal (www.redfeatherjournal.org), an online, peer-reviewed, international and interdisciplinary journal of the child image, seeks submissions for the Fall 2011 issue (deadline July 15th, 2011). Red Feather Journal seeks well-written, critical articles on any aspect of the child image.

The journal welcomes submissions that examine a broad range of media: children’s film, Hollywood film, international film, Television, the Internet, print resources, art, or any other visual medium. Some sample topics include, but are certainly not limited to: studies of images of children of color; child as commodity; images of children in international films; political uses of the child image; children in advertising; childhood as myth, visual adaptations of children’s literary works; child welfare images; images of children and/in war; the child image in video games; or any other critical examination of the child image, or childhood, in a variety of visual mediums.

Contact: debbieo@okstate.edu
URL: www.redfeatherjournal.org

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