7 de maio de 2011

Children and Young People's Participation in Planning and Regeneration

Day, L., Sutton, L. and Jenkins, S. (2011) Children and Young People's Participation in Planning and Regeneration: A final report to the Ecorys Research Programme 2010-11. UK: Ecorys.

This report presents the findings from a research study carried out by Ecorys in partnership with Loughborough University, to examine the evidence for children and young people’s participation in planning and regeneration.

The main purpose of this report is to present the detailed findings from the research study. Our intention was to draw together into one place the very diverse range of academic and non-academic studies that have been undertaken in this field, and to reflect upon the lessons for policy and practice at the current point in time; when children and young people's participation is framed by challenging economic circumstances in the UK and internationally. Whilst the report has a particular focus on the UK situation, it also draws upon research literature and practice examples from Europe, South America, North America and Australasia to provide a comparison. The findings are set within the over-arching context of the 1989 UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). 

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