12 de maio de 2011

Youth, Inequalities and the Future of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, June 6-8, 2011
Rio de Janeiro is known for its beauty, for the warmth of its people, for carnival and samba. But it is also known for its social and economic inequalities, its social and political problems, most especially poverty and social violence. After decades of economic decadence (the reasons of which are quite consensual in the literature), sheer social and political problems have accumulated, shortening the horizon of expectations of its inhabitants, increasing the chance that companies and individuals choose to leave the city, reducing the will to participate in the political process, feeding violence and a problematic sociability. The idea of a "problematic sociability", of course, has much to do with how young people live and relate to other social categories as they constantly test the boundaries of that very sociability while negotiating or affirming their social and political identities. Youth has always been at the center of concerns about what to do in a social environment characterized by strong inequalities of opportunities, possibilities and results.

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